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Key to Roll of Honour

1a - War Memorial
1b - War Memorial: New Memorial Area
2 - Baptist Churches Book of Remembrance
3 - Independent Methodist Church
4a - Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel
4b - Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel: Roll of Honour
5 - Conservative Club: memorial plaque and Roll of Honour
6 - Union Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour (now in Barnoldswick Library)

Roll of Honour

Private Albert ABBOTT (Somerset Light Infantry) (1b)
Private Broughton ABBOTT (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1b)
Private George Herbert ALTON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Roland ANDERSON (Army Service Corps) (1a, 2)
Senior Reserve Attendant William Edward ANDERSON (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 2)
Private William Pullan ANDERSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Charles ANDREWS (Devonshire Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Wilfred ANKER (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Colin ASHTON (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Maurice Chester ATKINSON (Canadian Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Thomas ATKINSON (Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps) (1a)
Private Frank AYRTON (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Private George Alfred BAILEY (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private John BAILEY (South Staffordshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Alfred BALDWIN (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private Harry BALDWIN (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Alfred BANKS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private John Henry BANKS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Driver William BANKS (Royal Field Artillery) (5)
Private Walter BANNISTER (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private William Henry BANNISTER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private James BARKER (Somerset Light Infantry) (1a)
Able-Seaman John Robert BARLOW (Royal Navy) (1a)
Private Fred Archibald BARNES (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private James Richard BARNES (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Reuben BARNES (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Gunner Peter BARRETT (Royal Garrison Artillery) (1b)
Private Frank BARRITT (Royal Fusiliers) (6)
Junior Reserve Attendant H. J. BARTER (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c)
Private Arthur BELL (Cheshire Regiment) (1b)
Private John BELL (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a, 3)
Private John BENTHAM (North Staffordshire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Corporal John BENTHAM (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private John Fort BERRY (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (1a)
Private Fred BINNS (Royal Scots) (5)
Senior Reserve Attendant Milton BIRTWISTLE (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c)
Private Ernest BLACKBURN (Lancashire Fusiliers) (4a)
Private John BLAND (West Riding Regiment) (3)
L/Corporal Joseph BLEZZARD (Seaforth Highlanders) (1b)
Sergeant James BOLTON (Border Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private William Henry BOLTON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private William BOOCOCK (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Edward BOWKER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Frederick BRACEWELL (Dorsetshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Henry BRAMALL (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
L/Corporal George Andrew BRIDGE (York & Lancaster Regiment) (1a)
Private Ratcliffe BRIDGE (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1a, 3)
Private Thomas Edmund George BRIDGE (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a, 3)
Able-Seaman Harry Slater BROOKS (Royal Navy) (1a, 2)
Private Robert BROOKS (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Henry BROUGHTON (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a, 2)
Private John James BROUGHTON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
L/Corporal Ernest BROWN (Cheshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas Edward BULLOCK (Sherwood Foresters) (1a)
Private William BURTON (York & Lancaster Regiment) (1a)
Sergeant James BURY (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private John BUSH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 4a)
Private Samuel Talbot CAMPBELL (Canadian Infantry) (1a)
Private Harry CHADWICK (Liverpool Regiment) (1a)
Private Frederick Thomas CIRCUS (Durham Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Thomas CLAPHAM (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a, 2)
Sergeant Abram CLARKE (Devonshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Tom CLARKSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Joseph CLAYTON (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private Wallace CLOUGH (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas COLLIER (Labour Corps) (1a)
A. COOPER (1a)
Private Walter CORK (Labour Corps) (1a, 6)
Private James CORNALL (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 3)
Private George COUSINS (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private John James CRADDOCK (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Harry CRANE (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private James Henry CRANE (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Francis CROSSLEY (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 3)
Private John William CROSSLEY (Cameronians) (1a)
Sergeant James Hartley CROWTHER (East Lancashire Regiment) (1b)
Gunner Frederick DACRE (Royal Garrison Artillery) (1a, 2)
Senior Reserve Attendant William John DALY (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 3)
Sapper Stanley DERBYSHIRE (Royal Engineers) (1a)
Private Thomas William DAVIS (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Willie DAWSON (West Riding Regiment) (5)
Able-Seaman Hartley DEAN (Royal Navy) (1a, 2)
Private Hartley DENT (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Thomas DEWHURST (Royal Scots) (1a, 6)
L/Corporal William DEWHURST (Machine Gun Corps) (1a, 5)
Private Bertie DODGEON (Seaforth Highlanders) (1b)
Private Willie DOWD (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private Edward Robinson DUCKWORTH (Grenadier Guards) (1a)
Private Richard DUERDEN (East Lancashire Regiment) (1b)
Junior Reserve Attendant Frank DUNKLEY (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c)
Private William Harold DUNNING (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1a)
L/Corporal Greenwood Hartley EASTWOOD (Coldstream Guards) (1a, 2, 5)
Gunner Young EASTWOOD (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Vincent ECCLESTON (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Bertie EDMONDSON (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a, 3)
Private Herbert EDMONDSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Herbert EIDSON (North Staffordshire Regiment) (1a)
Senior Reserve Attendant Alfred Carr ELSWORTH (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 2)
Corporal Alfred ERNEST (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private John FAWCETT (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1a)
Private John FAY (East Lancashire Regiment) (1b)
Private Robert FAY (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Charles FEARN (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1b)
Private Thomas William FENWICK (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Peter FERRANS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Arthur FIELDING (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Richard Jacob FIRTH (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private Rowland FISHWICK (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Robert FLETCHER (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas FRANCIS (West Yorkshire Regiment)(1a)
Private George Phomfras FRANKS (Lincolnshire Regiment) (1b)
Private Reuben FRYARS (Labour Corps) (1a, 4a)
Private Ernest Walter Maurice GARRATT (South Staffordshire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private Charles Henry GELDARD (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 3)
Sergeant Joseph GIBSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private Albert Price GILL (Royal Army Medical Corps) (1a)
Private Harry GILLIBRAND (West Riding Regiment) (5)
Sergeant George Abraham GOLDING (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private William Henry GRANT (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Arthur GREEN (Highland Light Infantry) (1b)
Company Sergeant-Major Fred GREEN (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Howarth Ratcliffe GREEN (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Corporal Alexander GREENHALGH (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private William GREENHALGH (Labour Corps) (1b)
Driver George GREENWOOD (Royal Field Artillery) (1a, 2)
Member Sarah Ann HALL (Women's Royal Naval Service) (1a)
Driver James HALSTEAD (Royal Army Service Corps) (1a)
Private George Iveson HAMMOND (West Riding Regiment) (4b)
Private J. HAMMOND (4a)
Private Amos Arthur HARDISTY (Otago Regiment) (1a)
Private Harold HARGRAVE (Liverpool Regiment) (1a, 3)
Private James Haworth HARGRAVES (Labour Corps) (1b)
Thomas HARGREAVES (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Alfred HARPER (Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Sergeant Charles Edwin HARRIS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Wilfred HARRISON (Devonshire Regiment) (1a)
Private James HARTLEY (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Lewis HARTLEY (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Gilbert HAWORTH (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1a)
L/Corporal Harry HAWORTH (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Herbert HAWORTH (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4a)
Private Joseph HAYHURST (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Drummer Edgar HEALD (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas HEALEY (West Riding Regiment) (2)
Private Wilfred Henry HEAP (Machine Gun Corps) (1a)
Private Robert HEAPS (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a, 5, 6)
Private Robert HEBDEN (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a, 3)
Private Robert Henry HEYS (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Harrison HEYWORTH (Labour Corps) (1a, 2)
Senior Reserve Attendant Harry HODKINSON (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 3)
Private John Henry HOLDEN (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4a, 4b)
Private Arthur Purcell HOLLOWS (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Wilfred HOLMES (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private Joseph HOOLE (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (1a)
Private Herbert HOPKINSON (Royal Munster Fusiliers) (1a, 3)
Private James HORRIDGE (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Junior Reserve Attendant Thomas HORSFIELD (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 2)
Junior Reserve Attendant Walter HORSFIELD (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 2)
Private Wilson HORSFIELD (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Moreland Arthur HOYLE (Durham Light Infantry) (1a)
Rifleman Albert HUDSON (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) (1a)
Private Abraham HUNTER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas HURST (LAYFIELD) (Durham Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Edmund JACKSON (Loyal North Lancashie Regiment) (1a, 4a, 4b)
Gunner William James JACKSON (Royal Field Artillery) (1a, 6)
Private Walter McLeod JOHNSTONE (Black Watch) (1a)
Private Ernest JOWETT (London Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Harry KAY (Royal Garrison Artillery) (1a)
Private Edwin KENYON (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 3, 5)
Private Walter KING (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
A/L/Corporal Thomas KIRK (Durham Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Archibald Hislop LANG (York & Lancaster Regiment) (1a)
Private George LAWSON (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private Edwin LEEPER (Highland Light Infantry) (1a, 2)
Private Ernest Kirkham LEIGH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 3)
Rifleman Julius LEVI (Royal Irish Rifles) (1a, 5)
Private Richard Metcalfe LINDSAY (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private William LISTER (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4a, 4b)
Private Walter LORD (South Staffordshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
L/Bombardier John Edward LOVICK (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Roland LOVICK (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Corporal Charles William LUFF (West Riding Regiment) (3)
Corporal Richard Charles MACK (Machine Gun Corps) (1a)
L/Corporal Arthur MATTHEWS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private William Thomas MAUNDER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Frank MAYOH (Worcestershire Yeomanry) (1a, 5)
Private Richard MERCER (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1b)
Private Irving METCALFE (Highland Light Infantry) (1a, 2, 5)
Private Thomas METCALFE (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
Driver Walter MIDGLEY (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private George MILLER (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
L/Corporal Carl Dugdale MILNER London Regiment (1a)
Private Arthur MITCHELL (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Lapadge MONKS (Royal Field Artillery) (1a, 3)
Private Thomas MORELAND (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
A/Corporal Thomas MORPHET (Royal Munster Fusiliers) (1a)
Sergeant John William MYERS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
L/Corporal John Robert NICHOLSON (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1b)
Private Denis Joseph NIXON (Dorsetshire Regiment) (1a, 6)
Private Holgate NORCROSS (Manchester Regiment) (1a)
Private James NORCROSS (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Driver Richard NUTTALL (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Harry NUTTER (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Wilfred Ewart NUTTER (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private John Willie O’HARA (Shropshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Benjamin Thomas ORMEROD (Royal Army Medical Corps) (1a)
Private John Robert PARKER (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4a)
Private William PARKER (Durham Light Infantry) (1a, 5)
Private James PARKINSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Robert PEARSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Denis PECK (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 5)
Senior Reserve Attendant Arthur PETTY (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 2)
Senior Reserve Attendant Tom PETTY (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c, 2, 5)
Private Herbert PICKERING (Royal Scots) (1a)
Private Thomas PICKERING (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
Private Edmondson PICKLES (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1b)
L/Corporal George PICKLES (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a, 2)
T/2nd Lieutenant Harry Thornton PICKLES (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private John PICKLES (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Senior Reserve Attendant John Thomas PICKLES (Royal Navy) (1a, 1c)
Private Mark PICKLES (East Lancashire Regiment) (1b)
Private Herbert PICKUP (Highland Light Infantry) (1a)
Private John Edward PICKUP (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4b)
Private Thomas PILKINGTON (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private James PITCHFORD (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas Gilbert PITCHFORD (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Jeremiah PLUMBLEY (North Staffordshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Joseph Albert PLUMBLEY (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Harry PURCELL (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Harry RALPH (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private John Edward REDDIHOUGH (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private James RIDING (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Private William Stuart RIGBY (Liverpool Regiment) (1a)
Sapper James RILEY (Royal Engineers) (1a)
Private Tom Geldard ROBERTS (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
Private William ROBERTS (Royal Fusiliers) (1a)
Private John ROBINSON (Border Regiment) (1a)
Private John ROBINSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
L/Corporal Frank SAGAR (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private George SANDERSON (Somerset Light Infantry) (1a, 5)
Private Thomas SANDERSON (Shropshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Joseph Tom SCOTT (Royal Berkshire Regiment) (1a)
L/Corporal Ernest SEEL (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Harry SHARPLES (Durham Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Edward SHAW (East Lancashire Regiment) (1b)
Private John Slater SHAW (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1a)
Private Herbert SHIRES (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Wilfred SHIRES (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Charles SIMPSON (Liverpool Regiment) (1a)
L/Corporal John SIMPSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private John Henry SIMPSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas SKINNER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
L/Corporal Arthur Anthony SLATE (Machine Gun Corps) (1a)
Private Clayton SLATER (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
Private Herbert SMITH (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private James SMITH (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1a, 2)
Private William SMITH (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
Driver Arthur SNEATH (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private John Morris SOUTHERN (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) (1a)
Private Charles SPENCER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Greenwood James STANDING (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Percy STEAD (Somerset Light Infantry) (1a)
Gunner Herbert STRETCH (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Walter STRICKLAND (Royal Army Medical Corps) (1a)
Gunner Alfred SUTCLIFFE (Royal Field Artillery) (1a, 3)
Private Ellis SUTCLIFFE (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Fred SUTCLIFFE (Leicestershire Regiment) (1a)
Private Joseph SUTCLIFFE (Sherwood Foresters) (1a)
Private Peter SWALES (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private James Ormerod TATTERSALL (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2, 5)
Private Bracewell TAYLOR (Royal Army Medical Corps) (3)
Private Edmund TAYLOR (Durham Light Infantry) (1b)
Private Michael TAYLOR (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Corporal Thomas TAYLOR (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas Frederick THEODORE (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private George THOMAS (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a)
Private Myers THOMPSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Rufus THOMPSON (Royal Garrison Artillery) (1a)
Private Charles Valentine THORNTON (5th Dragoon Guards) (1a)
Rifleman Henry THORNTON (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) (1a, 5)
Private Rennie THORNTON (Highland Light Infantry) (1a)
Private James Wilcock THWAITES (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private John Alfred TILLS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Alfred James TRAYFORD (Labour Corps) (1a)
Private Thomas TURNER (King's Own Scottish Borderers) (1a)
Private John TWEEDIE (Coldstream Guards) (1a)
Private John VARLEY (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Henry WAKEFIELD (Canadian Mounted Rifles) (1a, 2)
Private James WALKER (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a)
Private Sutcliffe WALKER (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (1b)
Corporal Thomas William WALKER (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private David WALLING (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a, 2)
Private James WALLING (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Harry WALTON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Albert WARING (Manchester Regiment) (1a)
Private Eli WATERWORTH (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1a, 2)
Private Jack WATERWORTH (Highland Light Infantry) (1a, 4a, 4b)
Private John WATERWORTH (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Robinson WATERWORTH (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 6)
Private Carl Randolph WATSON (Labour Corps) (1a, 2, 5)
Gunner William Henry Frederick WELLER (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Frank WHARTON (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Herbert Ewart WHIPP (Royal Field Artillery) (1b, 2)
Private Inman WHITAKER (North Staffordshire Regiment) (1a)
Gunner Fred WHITHAM (Royal Garrison Artillery) (1a)
Private Fred WHITTAKER (Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)
Driver Thurston WIGGANS (Royal Field Artillery) (1a, 5)
Private Bertie James WILKIN (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private George WILKINSON King's Own Scottish Borderers (1a)
Private James Maurice WILKINSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Private Allan WILLIAMS (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4a)
Private Joseph WILLIAMS (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Carol WILSON (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 2)
Private Fred Henry WILSON (Coldstream Guards) (1a)
Private George WILSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a)
Ordinary Seaman Hartley WILSON (Royal Navy) (1a, 3)
Private James WILSON (East Lancashire Regiment) (1b)
Sergeant John WILSON (West Riding Regiment) (1b)
Private Peter WILSON (East Lancashire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private Fred WINDLE (Coldstream Guards) (1a)
Gunner Robert WINDLE (Royal Field Artillery) (1a)
Private Fred WISEMAN (West Riding Regiment) (1a, 4a, 4b)
Private John Rushton WISEMAN (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Richard Andrew WOFFENDEN (Norfolk Regiment) (1a)
Private Haydn WOOD (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 5)
Private Walter WOOD (Norfolk Regiment) (1a)
Private Samuel WOODHEAD (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Clarence Victor WRIGHT (West Riding Regiment) (1a)
Private Thomas Dent WRIGHT (Yorkshire Regiment) (1a, 2)

Memorial Photos

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(1a) War Memorial

Caption: (1a) War Memorial

(1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 1

Caption: (1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 1

(1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 2

Caption: (1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 2

(1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 3

Caption: (1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 3

(1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 4

Caption: (1a) War Memorial: detail, panel no 4

(1b) War Memorial: New Memorial Area, panel no 1

Caption: (1b) War Memorial: New Memorial Area, panel no 1

(1b) War Memorial: New Memorial Area, panel no 2 (HMHS 'Rohilla')

Caption: (1b) War Memorial: New Memorial Area, panel no 2 (HMHS 'Rohilla')

(2) Baptist Churches Book of Remembrance

Caption: (2) Baptist Churches Book of Remembrance

(2) Baptist Churches Book of Remembrance - detail

Caption: (2) Baptist Churches Book of Remembrance - detail

(3) Independent Methodist Church

Caption: (3) Independent Methodist Church

(3) Independent Methodist Church - detail

Caption: (3) Independent Methodist Church - detail

(4a) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel

Caption: (4a) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel

(4a) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel - detail

Caption: (4a) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel - detail

(4b) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel: Roll of Honour

Caption: (4b) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel: Roll of Honour

(4b) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel: Roll of Honour - detail

Caption: (4b) Calf Hall Road Wesleyan Chapel: Roll of Honour - detail

(5) Conservative Club: memorial plaque & Roll of Honour

Caption: (5) Conservative Club: memorial plaque & Roll of Honour

(5) Conservative Club: memorial plaque - detail

Caption: (5) Conservative Club: memorial plaque - detail

(6) Union Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour

Caption: (6) Union Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour

(6) Union Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour - detail

Caption: (6) Union Working Men's Club & Institute Roll of Honour - detail

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