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Names Not Listed on a Local War Memorial

The following servicemen and women are not commemorated on any War Memorial within our ‘Craven’ area; they were found from a variety of sources at our disposal (listed below).
  • CPGW – Craven’s Part in the Great War book: listed in our main source of information.
  • CH – Craven Herald: either as a casualty notice/article or in one of the occasional Rolls of Honour.
  • PNR – West Yorkshire Pioneer: either as a casualty notice/article or in one of the occasional Rolls of Honour.
  • SDGW – Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919: found by carrying out systematic searches on ‘Place of Birth’ and/or ‘Residence.’
  • CWGC – Commonwealth War Graves Commission: fortuitous finds whilst searching for other soldiers.
  • CWGC-HS – Commonwealth War Graves Commission Headstone: picked up from CWGC headstones in local cemeteries and/or churchyards.
  • HSTONE – Headstone in local churchyard and/or cemeteries.
  • SDLCA – Skipton & District Liberal & Conservative Associations Roll of Honour.
  • CDRHWR – Colne & District Roll of Honour and War Record.
  • MISC – Miscellaneous sources: see main entry in database.

Roll of Honour

Private George William ALCOCK (Machine Gun Corps) (CH)
Private Dennis ALLEN (Essex Regiment) (MISC)
Rifleman Edwin ALTHAM (Rifle Brigade) (SDGW)
Private Harold Edwin APPLEGATE (Royal Sussex Regiment) (SDGW)
Lieutenant Gerald Archibald ARBUTHNOT (Grenadier Guards) (CH)
Corporal James Illingworth ARCHER (Royal Field Artillery) (SDGW)
T/2nd Lieutenant Ronald Hedley ARCHER (Northumberland Fusiliers) (CH)
Private George ASHTON (Northumberland Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Aircraftsman 1st Class George Frederick ATKINSON (Royal Air Force) (CH)
Artificer Electricall 3rd Class George Brandon BAKER (Royal Navy) (MISC)
Sapper William BALDERSTONE (Royal Engineers) (CPGW)
Private Robert BALDWIN (Canadian Infantry) (CH)
Private Richard Atkinson BANKS (Royal Scots Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private Robert BANNISTER (Royal Fusiliers) (SDLCA)
Private Albert BARKER (CH)
Margaret (Maggie) BARKER (Munitions Worker) (CH)
2nd Lieutenant George Will BARRACLOUGH (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Jerome BARRETT (Cameronians) (PNR)
Private Henry BAXTER (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Richard BAXTER (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Albert Edward BEAUMONT (London Regiment) (CH)
Private Thomas Clark BENTHAM (East Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Driver Fred BINNS (Army Service Corps) (CDRHWR)
Private Harry BINNS (East Lancashire Regiment) (CDRHWR)
L/Corporal Ughtred BINNS (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Gunner Edwin Percy BIRD (Royal Garrison Artillery) (CWGC)
Private Arnold BISHOP (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John BLADES (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Thomas Christopher BLAMIRE (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Bertrand William BLAND (Machine Gun Corps) (CPGW)
A/Corporal James BLEZARD (Border Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Ambrose BOWER (Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private John Henry BOYNTON (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Benjamin BRANDRETH (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Air Mechanic 3rd Class Charles William Hylton BRISCOE (Royal Air Force) (CH)
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Lowie Ellis BROOK (Royal Flying Corps) (CH)
Lieutenant Leslie Walter BROOKS (Lincolnshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Thomas BROUGH (Royal Defence Corps) (CH)
Private Robert BROWN (North Staffordshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Sergeant Walter Edward BROWN (York & Lancaster Regiment) (PNR)
Private William BROWN (Gloucestershire Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Alexander BRUCE (Royal Irish Rifles) (SDGW)
Private Joseph Metcalfe BULCOCK (Lancashire Fusiliers) (CH)
Private William BURDETT (Machine Gun Corps) (SDGW)
Private Edwin Charles BURGESS (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Corporal George BURNS (Cameronians) (SDGW)
Corporal John BURNS (Royal Defence Corps) (CH)
Private Albert William BURTON (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Private William BURTON (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Sergeant George BUTLER (Royal Horse Artillery) (SDGW)
Private Herbert CARDUS (Army Service Corps) (SDGW)
Private Patrick CARLIN (Black Watch) (CH)
A/Sergeant George Henry CATON (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (CPGW)
Private John William CATON (Army Service Corps) (CPGW)
Private Arthur CHALLONER (Shropshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Walter CHESTER (Manchester Regiment) (SDGW)
Signaller Frederick Saul CHEW (Royal Field Artillery) (CPGW)
Private Henry CLAPHAM (East Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private John Markendale CLAPHAM (East Lancashire Regiment) (CH)
Private Charles CLARK (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
T/2nd Lieutenant Norman Pickslay CLARK (Royal Munster Fusiliers) (CPGW)
Private Algie Caygill CLARKSON (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Frank CLARKSON (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Joseph CLAYTON (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Arthur CLEGG (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Lieutenant John Barclay CLIBBORN (Canadian Mounted Rifles) (CPGW)
Private Walter CLITHEROE (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Herbert COCKSHOTT (Liverpool Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Thomas Edward COLLINGE (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Petty Officer Frank Thomas COLLINGS (Royal Navy) (CPGW)
Gunner Robert CORLESS (Canadian Field Artillery) (CPGW)
Private James COUPE (Devonshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Cedric William John COWGILL (Shropshire Light Infantry) (HSTONE)
L/Corporal Alfred CRESSWELL (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Captain Harry William CRIPPIN (Royal Field Artillery) (CH)
Private Alfred CROWTHER (Australian Infantry) (PNR)
Sergeant Joseph Wilfred CUSHIONS (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Richard DAKER (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (MISC)
Private Collins DALE (South African Infantry) (PNR)
Private Norman Edwin DALE (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
T/2nd Lieutenant George Cork DALGOUTTE (Rifle Brigade) (CPGW)
Private John DAWSON (Manchester Regiment) (CH)
Sergeant Lewis DAWSON (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) (HSTONE)
Private Albert DEACEY (East Lancashire Regiment) (CWGC)
Private Frank DENNEY (Northumberland Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Sergeant Ernest DEWHIRST (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Private John DINSDALE (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John Robert DINSDALE (Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Arthur DOBSON (Cameronians) (SDGW)
Private Mark DOBSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Thomas Arthur DOBSON (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Tom DOBSON (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Harold DODGSON (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Samuel DRAY (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Robert Walker EARNSHAW (South Wales Borderers) (CH)
T/Captain Charles Robert Ewbank EDMUNDSON (York & Lancaster Regiment) (CH)
Corporal Thomas Frederick ELLIS (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) (CPGW)
Captain Thomas Martin ELLIS (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Private James William EMMOTT (West Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private William EWART (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (CH)
Private Joseph FARNWORTH (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (PNR)
Private Clifford FAWCETT (East Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
L/Corporal James Murray FAWCETT (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Herbert Spencer FEATHER (Royal Fusiliers) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant Robert Ernest FERRIER (Black Watch) (CH)
Private George FISHER (Durham Light Infantry) (CPGW)
Gunner Patrick FITZGERALD (Royal Horse Artillery) (SDGW)
Private Robert FLETCHER (Grenadier Guards) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Ernest FORD (Lancashire Fusiliers) (CPGW)
Lieutenant Reginald FORREST (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private William Leslie FORREST (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Major John Rowland FOSTER (Royal Army Medical Corps) (CH)
Private John William FOTHERGILL (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private James Albert FOURACRE (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (CH)
Private James FOXTON (Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Ernest FRENCH (Shropshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
A/Sergeant Harold Henry FROST (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Harry GALE (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Henry GARDNER (Australian Infantry) (MISC)
Private William GARNER (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Ernest Samuel GIBSON (Lincolnshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private George Percy GIFFORD (Shropshire Light Infantry) (HSTONE)
Gunner Fred GILL (Royal Field Artillery) (SDGW)
T/2nd Lieutenant James GILLIES (Royal West Surrey Regiment) (CH)
Private Tom Speight GLADSTONE (Border Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant William John Draper GLEW (Royal Field Artillery) (CPGW)
T/Lieutenant William Ellis GOMERSALL (Manchester Regiment) (CPGW)
T/2nd Lieutenant Arthur Charles GOODALL (Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Captain William Bonnalie GORDON (Royal Army Medical Corps) (HSTONE)
Private Maurice Vincent Pimblott GREEN (Royal Fusiliers) (PNR)
Private George GREENWOOD (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Ira GREENWOOD (Durham Light Infantry) (CH)
Private Ivor Tempest GREENWOOD (unknown) (PNR)
Lieutenant James Burton GREENWOOD (York & Lancaster Regiment) (MISC)
Private Smith GREENWOOD (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Lyndon Hanson HALL (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Samuel HALL (Durham Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Richard HALSTEAD (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Driver Robinson Lancaster HALSTEAD (Army Service Corps) (SDGW)
Private Edgar HANCOCK (Guards Machine Gun Regiment) (CPGW)
Private John HANCOCK (20th Hussars) (SDGW)
Corporal Joseph HANEY (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private Cyril HARDCASTLE (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Captain Frederick HARDIE (Royal Army Medical Corps) (CH)
Private Thomas William HARDIMAN (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (CPGW)
Corporal John Henry HARGREAVES (Rifle Brigade) (SDGW)
Private Alexander HARPER (Machine Gun Corps) (CH)
Sergeant Joseph HARRISON (East Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Surgeon Richard HARRISON (Mercantile Marine) (CWGC)
Private Edward HARTLEY (Canterbury Regiment) (CH)
Corporal George HARTLEY (Machine Gun Corps) (SDGW)
Rifleman Herbert HARTLEY (New Zealand Rifle Brigade) (CH)
Gunner John HARTLEY (Royal Field Artillery) (SDGW)
Private William Geoffrey HARTLEY (London Regiment) (CH)
Private Oliver Duxbury HARWOOD (South Wales Borderers) (SDGW)
Private Henry HAYES (Royal Dublin Fusiliers) (CH)
Private Christopher HAYHURST (Royal Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private John HEANEY (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant William HEATON (West Riding Regiment) (HSTONE)
T/2nd Lieutenant James Percy HENDERSON (Northumberland Fusiliers) (CH)
L/Sergeant George Frank HENSON (Australian Infantry) (CH)
Sergeant John Stone HEPWORTH (West Riding Regiment) (MISC)
Private Robert Rathmell HERDMAN (Durham Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Bateman HEWITT (East Lancashire Regiment) (HSTONE)
L/Sergeant Herbert HEWITT (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Charles HEWLETT (West Riding Regiment) (PNR)
L/Corporal Edward David HIGHAM (Sherwood Foresters) (CH)
Private George HITCHEN (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Frank HODGE (East Lancashire Regiment) (CH)
Sergeant Peter HODGSON (Army Service Corps) (SDGW)
Private Robert HODGSON (Border Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant Arthur HODKINSON (Royal Field Artillery) (SDGW)
Private Charles HODKINSON (Army Veterinary Corps) (SDGW)
Private Harry HOLDSWORTH (Royal Fusiliers) (HSTONE)
Private Arthur HOLMES (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private William HOLT (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Captain Cyril Walter Keenan HOOK (Manchester Regiment) (CPGW)
Colonel Bertram HOPKINSON (Royal Air Force) (PNR)
Lieutenant Rudolph Cecil HOPKINSON (Royal Engineers) (PNR)
2nd Lieutenant Francis Slinger HOWELL (Gordon Highlanders) (CH)
Private John HOYLE (West Riding Regiment) (HSTONE)
Corporal Robert Francis IDESON (Australian Infantry) (CH)
L/Corporal John Snell INGHAM (Royal Fusiliers) (CPGW)
Private Thomas INMAN (Northumberland Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private Jim ION (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Lieutenant Frank Taylor IVESON (Manchester Regiment) (CH)
Isaac JACKSON (Munitions Worker) (CH)
Private John JACKSON (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Robert JAMES (London Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Percy JEEVES (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Lieutenant Ingleby Stuart JEFFERSON (Royal Navy) (CH)
Sergeant John JEFFREY (Royal Field Artillery) (CPGW)
Private James JENNINGS (West Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Louis JOHNSON (Army Veterinary Corps) (SDGW)
Sapper Tom Francis JOHNSON (Royal Engineers) (SDGW)
Private Frank JONES (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Percy JONES (Durham Light Infantry) (CPGW)
Private William JONES (Durham Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Tom JOY (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant John Calvert KAY (Lancashire Fusiliers) (CH)
Rifleman Walter KEIGHTLEY (King’s Royal Rifle Corps) (SDGW)
Private Ernest KELLETT (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant Philip Chabert KIDD (Yorkshire Regiment) (MISC)
Private Arthur KINGDON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Corporal Robert KINGDON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Thomas KIRKBRIGHT (18th Hussars) (SDGW)
Private Henry KNIGHT (Lancashire Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private Robert KNIGHT (Lancashire Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private John Drane KNIGHTS (Australian Infantry) (CPGW)
L/Sergeant Charles Richard KNOWLES (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers) (PNR)
Lieutenant John KNOWLES (New Zealand Machine Gun Corps) (CH)
Private Thomas LAMBERT (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private William Ewart LANE (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Lieutenant Malcolm Colin McGregor LAW (West Riding Regiment) (MISC)
Private Frank LAWRENCE (Army Service Corps) (SDGW)
Private James Ernest LAY (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private William Edgar LAYCOCK (South Wales Borderers) (CPGW)
Corporal George LEE (East Lancashire Regiment) (PNR)
Private Henry LEEMING (East Lancashire Regiment) (HSTONE)
Private James LEEMING (Welsh Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant John LISTER (Royal West Kent Regiment) (HSTONE)
Sergeant Sam LISTER (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Harold LITTLE (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Corporal Miles LITTLE (West Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant Miles John Chislett LITTLE (North Staffordshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Stanley LITTLE (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
T/Captain Robert LITTLEDALE (Northamptonshire Regiment) (CH)
A/Captain Willoughby John LITTLEDALE (Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry) (CPGW)
Private John LONGSTAFFE (Suffolk Regiment) (CH)
Private Edward LOVEDAY (Royal Fusiliers) (CH)
Private George LUMLEY (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private James Henry LUND (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John Parkinson LUND (East Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Joseph Henry LUNTLEY (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant Robert Francis MALLPRESS (Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Victor Kenneth MALLPRESS (London Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Abraham Robinson MANLEY (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Harry MARSDEN (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John MARSHALL (Liverpool Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Tom MASON (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private William Foster MASON (Army Service Corps) (SDGW)
Ordinary Seaman James MATHER (Royal Navy) (MISC)
Major Harold Carey MATTHEWS (Yorkshire Regiment) (MISC)
Sapper Edgar Eric MAYO (Royal Engineers) (CH)
Corporal Arthur McINTYRE (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
L/Corporal David Balfour McLAREN (Cameronians) (CH)
Private Henry McLERNON (Seaforth Highlanders) (CH)
Soldier 2nd Class Edouard MEEUS (Belgian Infantry) (CH)
T/Captain Robert Hargraves MEGSON (Manchester Regiment) (PNR)
L/Corporal Joseph MERRY (Grenadier Guards) (SDGW)
Private Tom METCALFE (Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Gunner Gilbert Hardy MIDGLEY (Royal Garrison Artillery) (PNR)
Corporal John Geoffrey MIDGLEY (Royal Engineers) (PNR)
Nursing Member Hilda MOORBY (Voluntary Aid Detachment) (CH)
Private John Richard MOORE (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Stanley Harding MOORE (Lincolnshire Regiment) (CH)
T/Major Arthur John MOORHOUSE (Manchester Regiment) (CH)
Private Albert MORLAND (Coldstream Guards) (SDGW)
Private William James MORRISON (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private John Edward MUMBY (Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Lieutenant Kenneth MUSGRAVE (Royal Engineers) (CH)
Private Thomas MUSGROVE (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant William Balme NAYLOR (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Sapper Joseph NEWBERRY (Royal Engineers) (SDGW)
Private William NEWELL (West Riding Regiment) (HSTONE)
Sapper John NIXON (Royal Engineers) (CPGW)
Private Charles NORTHAGE (Lancashire Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private James Henry NUTTALL (Royal Defence Corps) (CH)
Private Fred NUTTER (East Lancashire Regiment) (CH)
Private Joseph OVERSBY (Liverpool Regiment) (CPGW)
Regimental Sergeant-Major John Thomas PARKER (Manchester Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Leonard PARKER (Canadian Infantry) (CPGW)
Sapper Walter Bibby PARKER (Royal Engineers) (SDGW)
Sapper William Edward PARKIN (Royal Engineers) (SDGW)
Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Robert Bircham PARMETER (Labour Corps) (CH)
Private Wilfred PARSONS (Lincolnshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Gunner Harry PAWSON (Royal Field Artillery) (PNR)
Private Norman Francis PAWSON (Northumberland Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private Alexander PEART (Lincolnshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John PEART (Machine Gun Corps) (CH)
Private James Edgar PETTIE (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Sergeant Philip John PETTIE (East Lancashire Regiment) (PNR)
2nd Lieutenant William PETTITT (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private James Arthur PICKARD (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Arthur PICKLES (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) (PNR)
Captain Clifford Crawshaw PICKLES (Royal Army Medical Corps) (CH)
Private Charles Ernest PILLING (Canadian Forestry Corps) (PNR)
Private Arthur PRESTON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant James Herbert PRESTON (New Zealand Military Forces) (CPGW)
2nd Lieutenant Robert Southworth PRESTON (Royal Air Force) (CH)
Private Patrick PRIOR (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Frederick Hugh PYE (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private James Henry QUILLER (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Sam RABY (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Lieutenant Basil William RAMSBOTTOM (Norfolk Regiment) (CPGW)
Nursing Member Hilda READ (Voluntary Aid Detachment) (HSTONE)
Private James REDMAYNE (Australian Infantry) (PNR)
Private Robert William RHODES (Shropshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Walter RICHARDS (Liverpool Regiment) (MISC)
L/Corporal Ernest RICHARDSON (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (CPGW)
A/Company Sergeant-Major Joseph RICHARDSON (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Stanley RICHARDSON (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Corporal Stanley RICHMOND (Canadian Infantry) (CPGW)
Private Benjamin RIDEHOUGH (Welsh Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant Robert RIGG (Royal Field Artillery) (CPGW)
Sergeant Ernest RILEY (Machine Gun Corps) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant Henry Holmes RISHWORTH (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Sergeant Claude Lambert ROBINSON (Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant John Edmund ROBINSON (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Joseph Thomas ROBINSON (Wellington Regiment) (CH)
Private Moses Rayner ROBINSON (Manchester Regiment) (PNR)
Private Thomas William ROBINSON (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Wheeler William ROBINSON (Royal Field Artillery) (CPGW)
Private Harry ROLFE Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) (SDGW)
2nd Lieutenant Ernest ROSCOE (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Percy ROSEN (Lancashire Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Corporal Richard ROSSALL (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Cain ROTHERA (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private William ROTHWELL (Grenadier Guards) (HSTONE)
Staff Sergeant Myles ROWE (Miles RAW) (Supply and Transport Corps) (SDGW)
A/L/Corporal Thomas RUSSELL (Military Police Corps) (SDGW)
L/Corporal William RUSSELL (Canadian Infantry) (CWGC)
Private Percy SAGER (Suffolk Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John Horatio Lloyd SANDBERG (Royal Army Service Corps) (CH)
Lieutenant Cecil Oversby SAYER (Durham Light Infantry) (CH)
Private Joseph SCOTT (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Harry SELLERS (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private Arthur SHACKLETON (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Sergeant Richard SHACKLETON (Australian Infantry) (PNR)
Lieutenant Thomas Smith SHACKLETON (West Riding Regiment) (MISC)
Private Arthur SHAMBROOK (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Harold David SHARPE (Northumberland Fusiliers) (SDGW)
Private James SHAW (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
T/Lieutenant Surtees SHEFFIELD (Hampshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Charles Edward SHELDON (Shropshire Light Infantry) (SDGW)
Private Thomas SHELLABEAR (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal George Reginald SISSONS (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Lieutenant Roland Edward SISSONS (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private William Alfred Rhodes SKIRROW (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal William SLATER (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Albert Taylor SMITH (South Staffordshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Arthur SMITH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Arthur SMITH (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Sergeant Fred SMITH (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Frederick SMITH (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Jabez SMITH (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (CPGW)
Greaser John William SMITH (Mercantile Marine) (PNR)
Private Richard Parker SMITH (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Valentine SMITH (Royal Marine Light Infantry) (CH)
2nd Lieutenant Walter Sydney SMITH (Royal Flying Corps) (HSTONE)
Private William Henry SMITH (Royal Marine Light Infantry) (CWGC)
Private John SPEAK (Manchester Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Peter SPENCE (Machine Gun Corps) (SDGW)
Private Thomas Matthew STAINTON (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
T/Lieutenant-Colonel (Major) John Raymond Evelyn STANSFELD (Gordon Highlanders) (CPGW)
Private Richard STANSFIELD (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Clifford STOCKDALE (South Lancashire Regiment) (CPGW)
Lieutenant William STOCKDALE (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private William STOCKDALE (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Archie SUGDEN (Grenadier Guards) (CH)
Private Matthew SUMMERSCALES (Lancashire Fusiliers) (SDGW)
A/L/Corporal John William SUNTER (Royal Army Medical Corps) (SDGW)
Private John William TAYLOR (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Stoker 2nd Class William Brian TAYLOR (Royal Navy) (HSTONE)
T/2nd Lieutenant Basil TEMPEST (Manchester Regiment) (CPGW)
2nd Lieutenant Harry Roland THELWELL (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
Private George Henry THOMPSON (Coldstream Guards) (SDGW)
Corporal Adam THOMSON (King’s Own Scottish Borderers) (CH)
Private Walter THOMSON (Canadian Infantry) (CH)
Private Edwin TIGHE (Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Sergeant William Patrick TOBIN (Royal Engineers) (CPGW)
Private Harry Reginald TOFT (Royal Fusiliers) (CPGW)
Private Anthony TOMLINSON (Labour Corps) (CH)
Private Thomas TOMLINSON (Canadian Infantry) (PNR)
L/Corporal William TOMLINSON (Australian Infantry) (CH)
L/Corporal William TOMMAS (Canadian Infantry) (HSTONE)
Gunner William Mee TOPLEY (Royal Garrison Artillery) (CPGW)
Lieutenant Thomas Frederick Hastings TORNEY (Welsh Regiment) (CPGW)
Gunner Robert TORRANCE (Royal Field Artillery) (HSTONE)
Private Edward TOWNSON (South Wales Borderers) (HSTONE)
Private Richard TOWNSON (South Wales Borderers) (HSTONE)
L/Corporal Herbert Riley TURNER (Coldstream Guards) (SDGW)
Trooper Francis Darbyshire TWISLETON (Wellington Mounted Rifles) (CPGW)
Major Francis Morphet TWISLETON (Auckland Mounted Rifles) (CPGW)
Corporal Ronald Burnsall TWISLETON (Wellington Regiment) (CH)
Private Herbert VARLEY (Canadian Infantry) (CH)
Sergeant Herbert William VARLEY (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Lieutenant Leonard VARLEY (West Riding Regiment) (PNR)
Private Joshua Taylor WADE (Army Service Corps) (SDGW)
Private George WALKER (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private James WALKER (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private James Lister WALL (Canadian Infantry) (HSTONE)
Gunner Major Richard WALLACE (Royal Garrison Artillery) (CPGW)
Gunner William WALLACE (Royal Garrison Artillery) (CPGW)
Private Archibald WALSH (Coldstream Guards) (SDGW)
Private Thomas WALSH (Highland Light Infantry) (CH)
Private Frederick WARD (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private John WARD (Border Regiment) (SDGW)
Pioneer Richard Croft WARD (Royal Engineers) (CH)
Private Thomas WARREN (Border Regiment) (CH)
T/2nd Lieutenant Gilbert Wilmot WATERHOUSE (Royal West Kent Regiment) (CPGW)
Sergeant Eric Thomas WATSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (HSTONE)
Able Seaman Henry Berry WATSON (Royal Navy) (HSTONE)
T/Lieutenant Michael Harold WEBSTER (West Yorkshire Regiment) (HSTONE)
Bombardier Willis WEBSTER (Royal Field Artillery) (HSTONE)
Private James WEIR (East Lancashire Regiment) (CH)
Private James WELLWOOD (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Jeffrey Wellock WEST (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Gunner James Willie WHAITES (Royal Field Artillery) (SDGW)
Private Herbert WHIPP (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
2nd Lieutenant Geoffrey Wilfred WHITE (Rifle Brigade) (HSTONE)
Corporal Edward WHITHAM (Labour Corps) (CH)
Private Thomas Shepherd WHITTAM (Labour Corps) (CH)
Private Willie WIGGAN (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
L/Corporal Edward Cowgill WILKINSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (HSTONE)
Private George WILLIAMSON (West Riding Regiment) (CH)
Private William WILLIAMSON (Manchester Regiment) (CH)
L/Corporal Joseph Edward WILSON (East Yorkshire Regiment) (CH)
Private Richard WILSON (Army Service Corps) (CPGW)
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Robert WILSON (Royal Air Force) (CH)
Sergeant Thomas WILSON (Royal Irish Regiment) (CH)
Transport Sergeant Thomas Raphael WILSON-GILL (Supply and Transport Corps) (SDGW)
Private Harry WINDLE (Cameronians) (SDGW)
Private William WINN (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (CH)
Private Ralph WOOD (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Ernest WOODHEAD (Leicestershire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private Albert WOODS (Royal Lancaster Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Harold WRIGHT (East Lancashire Regiment) (CH)
L/Corporal Norman WRIGHT (West Riding Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Maurice WROE (West Yorkshire Regiment) (CPGW)
Private William WYNN (London Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Thomas William YARBOROUGH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private Ernest YOUNG (East Lancashire Regiment) (SDGW)
Private John YOUNG (West Riding Regiment) (CPGW)
L/Corporal Sidney YOUNG (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) (SDGW)
L/Corporal Thomas YOUNG (East Kent Regiment) (SDGW)

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