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Local War Memorials: KILDWICK, YORKSHIRE

Key to Roll of Honour

1 - Kildwick Parish & Neighbourhood War Memorial
2 - Kildwick National School (now lost)

Roll of Honour

Corporal Thomas ALLSOP (West Riding Regiment) (1, 2)
Private Albert Lister BACKHOUSE (West Riding Regiment) (1, 2)
Private Willie BARKER (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1, 2)
Private Charlie BERRY (Machine Gun Corps) (1)
Private Albert BINNS (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Private Lewis BINNS (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private George BLAND (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Samuel BOOTH (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Frank BOTTOMLEY (Sherwood Foresters) (1)
Private Fred BOTTOMLEY (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Private Oscar BROWN (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Frederick George CARLTON (West Riding Regiment) (1, 2)
Private Arthur CHATTERTON (East Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
L/Corporal Harold COWGILL (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Able-Seaman Walter DAWSON (Royal Naval Division) (1, 2)
Private Fred DIXON (West Riding Regiment) (1, 2)
Private George DOBBY (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Benjamin Henry FREEMAN (Canadian Infantry) (1)
Gunner Thomas Alda FRIEND (Royal Field Artillery) (1)
Gunner Coulson FRYER (Royal Field Artillery) (1)
Private Alexander Wilfred GILL (West Riding Regiment) (1)
T/2nd Lieutenant Ralph Oscar GLADSTONE (Royal Engineers) (1)
A/2nd Corporal Joseph GREEN (Royal Engineers) (1, 2)
Private William Foster GREEN (London Regiment) (1)
Private Harry GRIMSTON (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Arthur James HAPPS (Durham Light Infantry) (1)
Private Matthew Percy HAPPS (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Smith HARDAKER (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Arthur HARGREAVES (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1)
Private Thomas Denton HARKER [Thomas JACKSON] (Australian Infantry) (1)
A/Corporal James HODKINSON (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Captain Cedric Fawcett HORSFALL (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private George INSKIP (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Tom MILLWARD (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private James MOSLEY (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Gunner William MOSLEY (Royal Field Artillery) (1, 2)
Private James Henry PEEL (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (1)
Private James Scarborough Theodore POLLARD (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private John POLLARD (Northumberland Fusiliers) (1)
Private John Dixon READ (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private John Hartley RILEY (Lancashire Fusiliers) (1)
Sergeant George Mellor SANDERSON (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Fred SCARFE (Yorkshire Light Infantry) (2)
Private Thomas William SHUTTLEWORTH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Private Frederick SIMPSON (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private David SMITH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Private John SMITH (West Yorkshire Regiment) (1)
Corporal John Allan SMITH (Royal Air Force) (1, 2)
Private Joseph SMITH (West Riding Regiment) (1, 2)
Air Mechanic Thomas Henry STEPHENS (Royal Flying Corps) (1, 2)
Air Mechanic John Hartley STOW (Royal Air Force) (1)
Private Archie SUGDEN Grenadier Guards (2)
L/Corporal Thomas Lyal TAYLOR (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Francis Richmond THOMPSON (York & Lancaster Regiment) (1, 2)
Private Tom THOMPSON (South Wales Borderers) (1)
Private Matthew Horseman TOWERS (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Harry WALMSLEY (West Riding Regiment) (1, 2)
Private Harry Foster WALTON (Manchester Regiment) (1)
Private John William WELLOCK (West Riding Regiment) (1)
Private Arthur Thomas WHITAKER (Sherwood Foresters) (1)

Memorial Photos

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(1) War Memorial

Caption: (1) War Memorial

(1) War Memorial - panel no 1, dedication

Caption: (1) War Memorial - panel no 1, dedication

(1) War Memorial - panel no 2, Roll of Honour

Caption: (1) War Memorial - panel no 2, Roll of Honour

(1) War Memorial - panel no 3, Roll of Honour

Caption: (1) War Memorial - panel no 3, Roll of Honour

(1) War Memorial - panel no 4, Roll of Honour

Caption: (1) War Memorial - panel no 4, Roll of Honour

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